Tips to grow on Youtube

5 Best Tips to Become successful on Youtube

Every young Indian kid and every aspiring creator who has some talent to make content is wanted to make a successful carrier on Youtube and wanted to become famous and earn money.

But day by day the competition on Youtube is increasing and it’s become difficult for the new creators to become successful on Youtube.

So here we are discussing the top strategies and important points to become successful on Youtube and make more and more content for the audience. I am sharing these tips from my past experience. So read the full article for full knowledge.

Top 5 Tips to Become a Successful Youtuber

1. Be consistent

Youtube is not a platform in which you make one or two videos and become successful. As we know the competition on Youtube is very high these days and to stand out from the other Youtubers and become successful on Youtube You need to be consistent.

If you are not consistent on your Youtube channel then it becomes so hard for you to sustain on this platform. In such a case, if you are very successful on Youtube and then you become inconsistent on your channel then there is a chance that your channel slowly become Dead.

If you are not uploading content on your youtube channel and suddenly the youtube algorithm stop recommendations of your videos and the reach of your youtube channel are becoming low day by day and slowly Your channel becoming dead.S consistency on Youtube is equally important for a new channel as well as for an Old creator.

2. Try to make video on Trending Topics

If you are a new creator on youtube then you should always try to follow the trends which are going on the Internet in recent times. For example, in 2020 there are lots of trends going viral on Youtube and other social media. When this Youtube Vs Tiktok Drama has happened then every creator makes videos on this topic and they also get more views and growth on their channels.

For example, the CarryMinati channel gained around 15 Million subscribers due to this Youtube and TikTok controversy. And many other Youtubers like Lakshay Choudhary, Thugesh are also gain a lot of views and subscribers just because of this controversy.

If we take another example when the “Slay Point” channel created this Binod Meme then the growth of their Channel is increasing in an exponential way. Many other youtube channels also make videos on this trend and they also get a number of views just because of this trend.

Hence Proved if you try to make videos on viral or trending topics then definitely you will get a good response to your videos. on youtube.

3. Quality Over Quantity

On Youtube always keep one thing in your mind the Quality of Your videos matters the most in your growth on Youtube. If you are more focused on the number of your videos then it becomes very difficult for you to grow on this platform.

Trey to learn good editing skills and try to make good quality videos, improve your audio quality. In fewer words try to give the best quality to your audience.

It doesn’t matter how frequently you post a video on your channel the thing which matters the most is your content quality. For example, Bhuvan Bam only uploads one video in a month but the quality of his videos is very high that’s the reason he is very successful on Youtube.

4. Make Catchy Thumbnail

If you are wondering that “What is a Thumbnail” then I will tell you that Thumbnail is basically a Poster for your Video which you have to put on Your Youtube Videos. Thumbnail is the very first thing that is visible for the user if your thumbnail is good then only a user will click on your video to see your video.

You always hear one thing that First Impression is the Last Impression”. This line is perfectly fit on Youtube It doesn’t matter how good is your content and your video from inside if you have a bad thumbnail.

Always try to make the best quality catchy thumbnail because whenever someone sees the Thumbnail on Your video they click on it to view your video. If your thumbnail is not good then they didn’t click on your video and definitely, you will get very views.

5. Keep Patience

Patience is the Key on Youtube. If you don’t have patience and you want to grow fast without making efforts then Youtube is not for you.

There are many YouTubers who work on Youtube for 2-3 years then he got their audience. ANd I personally know many YouTubers whose growth is very slow in the starting but they keep their patience and after some time they grow at an exponential speed.

If I give a rough idea to you that how long you should wait for growth on Youtube and I would say Make at least 50 videos on Your channel, then only expect some growth. Because the competition on Youtube is Increasing day by day and this is the common idea it may be not applicable to everyone.

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