Amit Bhadana new song

Amit Bhadana Release his New Song Aatmvishwas

Famous Youtuber Amit Bhadana shares his new Aatmvishwas with famous Punjabi rapper and singer Badshah on his Youtube channel “Amit Bhadana.”

Amit Bhadana Release his first song when he competed his 10 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel and last year when Amit Bhadana crosses 20 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel he promised his fans that he will release a song called Aatmvishwas. So as he promised Today(17 February)he released his song.

In Aatmvishwas Song Amit Bhadana is in the main lead role and Aatmvishwas song is sung by singer Badshah. And both the artists have done a very good job in this song.

Lyrics of AatmVishwas song

Aatmvishwas song Lyrics is written by Badshah and he has done a brilliant job in the department of Lyrics. Also, Aatmvishwas’s song is sung and composed by Badshah.

Video Quality of Aatmvishwas song

The video and audio quality of Amit Bhadana’s new song AatmVishwas are outstanding. Some days ago Amit shares a video on his Instagram and in this video he shares that Aatmvishwas song is filmed in more than 30 locations.

Aatmvishwas is one the best song in the history of Youtube which is released by a Youtuber.

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