Web Development in 2021

Become Web Development Pro by these Methods

Web Development is a very popular and amazing skill to learn. And You wanted to become a Pro Web Developer then you are at the right place. here we are telling you how to become a good web Developer.

But before becoming a good Web Developer and entering in the Web Development field there are few important points about Web Development points which You should know.

And in This post, we are telling you about the full roadmap of web development with the help of This Roadmap you can easily become a Master in the Web Development area.

What is Web development

Web Development is basically the skill in which you are able to design a Website and you can maintain and handle all the functioning of a good Website.

For example, You are reading this post on my Website so I have to manage all the things on my website. From starting from Website structure, website themes everything is done with the help of Web Development.

So IF you wanted to design some websites for yourself or you wanted to learn Web Development for some official jobs and works then you are at the right place. Try to read this Post till last so you can learn everything properly.

Frontend and Backend

Web Development has so much to learn. So first you have to decide whether you wanted to become a Frontend Web Developer or you wanted to become a Backend Web Developer or You wanted to become a Full Stack Web Developer.

For more details in Frontend Developing, you have to manage the Front face of the website like The Structure and look of the Website. On the other hand in BackEnd web development you have to manage the backface works of the website. like databases and files of the website.

And if You wanted to become a full-stack developer then you have to learn the working of both Front end and Backend web Development. Which is a little time taking but very easy to learn.

Learn HTML ,CSS and JavaScript

Html, CSS, Javascript are the core of Web Development. If you wanted to make your carrier in Web Development then you have to learn all three important languages.

First of all, you have to start with HTML.Try to learn Html as fast as you can Because Html is not that difficult. After learning Html try to implement Html tags into some projects, because of this you become more and more comfortable in HTML.

Then after HTML, the next step is CSS.SO after CSS, you have to learn CSS. In CSS you can also need Html so remember and revised the HTML concept also for CSS learning. When you learn CSS then you can easily make some best designs on Your Website with the help of CSS and Html both.

After CSS and HTML, you have to learn javascript, Javascript is a little lengthy and difficult to learn as compared to HTML and CSS. But when you Learn Javascript along with CSS and HTML then you can easily develop a Multipurpose website by yourself. And also you can able to add designs and colors as you want with the help of all these technologies.

All these languages belong to Front end Web Development .because this post is becoming more lengthy so we post another post in which we discussed all the important things for Back End Development.

Make Clone Websites

After learning all the main things which help you to develop a website. Then you start making the clone of the famous website of your practice. Basically, clone means a full copy of the website.

For example, Amazon website is a very good e-commerce website then you should try to make an amazon clone to practice and this website cloning practice is very good for You.

Because once you get into the professional world then there is no space for mistakes, so you have to make a clone first and then if there are any mistakes and have problems then you can learn to eliminate those mistakes.

Real Life Projects

After Practicing and learn all the above-written steps you are all set to develop some real websites. For this try to get some real works. Try to approach big companies by email.

Try to make your resume and add your all skills related to web Development and sent this resume to different companies to get some work

And Try to do some work for free at the starting of your carrier. Because once your rating is increased then automatically they recommended to other people and in this way, you will get more and more work.

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