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Best Guide to Start a Website for beginners

Website making and posting content of the website is slowly becoming very popular in recent times. So if you wanted to learn all things about blogging and website making then you are at the right place.

For blogging, there are different platforms that are available in the market like blogger and WordPress. But in this post, we just talk about website making from WordPress. Because in bloggers you don’t have to need any domain or Webhosting.

So here so divided the main steps to making a website, And here we give you step by step guide to make start a good quality website.

Buy a domain

The first-ever step to making a website for your website. Once you finished deciding the name of your website .then you have to go on different domain buying websites and search for their domain names and see if they are available or not.

If your domain name is available then go and buy it from the website. Once you finished Buying your website domain name then you finished the step of starting a Website.

If you don’t know about what is domain then I will tell brief information about a domain. The domain is basically a unique name of your website on the Internet. Just like we have our names in real life then your website is also recognized by its domain name on the Internet.

Buy a hosting

After buy domain names then the next step is web hosting. For creating a good website you need good web hosting from a good web hosting company.

Web Hosting is basically virtual storage for you to create your database and store your data online. All the posts which you post on your website and all data related to those posts straight go and store on the database which is present in your web hosting.

There are many web hosting companies in the market like Hostinger, Siteground. SO choose according to your choices. And remember if you are a beginner in blogging then always go for shared hosting.

Connect domain and Web Hosting

Once you are done with buying domain and web hosting. Then you have to connect your domain name with your web hosting.

If you bought your domain names and web hosting then it becomes easy for you to connect. But in case you bought a domain and web hosting from different websites then it becomes a little difficult for you to do this.

So i will suggest you watch tutorials on the Internet or consult any specialist for these services.

Select a good Theme

After Connecting your website name and your web hosting. Then the main important step of your website is next. The most important part of your website is your website theme.

There are a lot of themes in WordPress which are pre-installed. So go and choose one theme from the themes. and If you don’t like the inbuild themes then you can also install themes from outside also.

There are many websites that offer you different premium themes according to your website. So go and buy the themes and install them on your website.

Posting content on Website

After making your content the next step is content posting. Without quality content, there is no traffic on your website. If you wanted to get more and more traffic on your website then start posting quality content on your Website.

If you wanted to earn money from AdSense then at least post 25 posts on your website before submitting your website for Google AdSense approval. If you don’t write twenty to twenty-five good posts on your website then there are more chances of rejection for your websites.

Submit Post on Google Search Console

When you start posting good content on your website, Then you have to create an account on the Google search console and then you have to submit the sitemap of your website.

Because without submitting your website to the search console there is zero traffic on your website.Because search console helps you to submit your posts in google ranking and brings traffic to your websites.

If you don’t know how to create a sitemap for your website then just go to the plugin section and search for sitemap plugins then you will get different sitemap generator plugins. Just choose one of them and create the sitemap for your website and submit it to the Google search console.

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