Elvish Yadav vs Sameer mark

Big Drama Between Elvish Yadav and Sameer Mark

Elvish is an Indian Youtuber. Recently Elvish Yadav and Sameer Mark start a controversy with each other. Elvish Yadav and Sameer Mark’s fight is explained in this post.

Elvish Yadav is Viner and roaster on Youtube. So recently Elvish Yadav published a video about some cringe Instagram reels makers and criticize them in his video. And In Elvish Yadav roasts videos some part of Social Media Influencer Sameer Mark is also added by Elvish Yadav.

In this Video Sameer Mark become very angry over Elvish Yadav and then Sameer Mark post some stories on his Instagram page. In his stories, Sameer mark threatens Elvish Yadav not to make a video again on him.

Then after some time after Sameer marks stories, Elvish Yadav also responds to Sameer Mark and then Elvish also posts some stories on Instagram explaining his sides and gives a reply to Sameer Mark.

Then again Sameer Mark post another few stories on elvish Yadav and again explains his sides of the story and told Elvish to control his mouth during making a video.

Then again elvish Yadav responds to Sameer Mark in his Instagram Stories and gives the explanation of all the allegations on him which is put by Sameer mark on him.

Then this story posting game continues for two and three days then suddenly after two and three days Sameer mark posts a file screenshot of his Instagram. In this file, Sameer mark files a police complaint against Elvish Yadav and dares him to publish a video on him after this FIR.

Then after one day of this fir Elvish Yadav again uploads videos on his Youtube. and this Video is a dedicated video on Sameer Mark. And Elvish Yadav Openly challenges Sameer Mark over his FIR on him.

Who is Elvish Yadav

Elvish Yadav is a North Indian Based comedy Videomaker on Youtube. Elvish Yadav makes Desi type of Video which is very popular in North India. Elvish Yadav has around 8 Million subscribers on his main Youtube Channel .and around 2 Million subscribers on his second channel on Youtube. On his second channel Elvish uploads roast videos on other creators from different platforms.

Who is Sameer Mark

Sameer Mark is an Indian Social media Influencer. Sameer Mark considers himself as a style Influencer on Instagram. Sameer Guides people on how to look good and handsome. Sameer mark is very popular on Instagram. Sameer Mark has around 3.7 Million Instagram Followers on Instagram.

Past Tiktok vs Youtube Fights

This is not the first time when Youtubers and Tiktoker or social media influencers fought with each other. As we all know the drama between Youtubers and Tiktokers which is happened last year when the whole of India has a lockdown.so if this fights increases more then we can see a Tiktok and Youtube fights Part Two.

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