Bhuvan Bam vs Amit Bhadana Fight

Big Fight Between Bhuvan Bam and Amit Bhadana

Youtube has a very great platform for all the creators from all over the world. India has so many Big Creators on Youtube now, But sometimes there are different controversies are happening between the big creators and due to this controversy, many other creators get advantages from them.

This Time the controversy is started between two big Youtubers of Indian youtube which is Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam. The fight between Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam is started when Amit Bhadana posts some stories on His Instagram Account.

In his Instagram Stories Amit Bhadana shares that his latest video comes in the Youtube trending section in Just 20 hours and there are some groups who try to remove Amit Bhadana’s video from the Trending section by manipulating the youtube algorithm.

Then Amit Bhadana added in his stories that there there are some groups on Youtube who just sit and wait for his videos and then then they start to manipulate his videos with low retention fake views from youtube ads and because of all these his video is removed from trending section.

Bhuvan Bam reply to Amit bhadana
Amit Bhadana reply to Bhuvan bam
Amit Bhadana vs  Bhuvan Bam fight
Amit Bhadana vs Bhuvan Bam
Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam fight
Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam Controversy

More further Amit Bhadana says that there are some people in the Industry who pays for fake memes on Amit Bhadana. He says they just wanted to ruin his face value by adding fake memes and fake dislikes on his videos.

And Lastly, Amit Bhadana fires a shot at Bhuvan Bam in his Instagram Stories and says that “Camera ke aage Hustle Karta Hain and camera ke Piche pichle teen saal se Bhasad kre ja raha hai”

Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam  big fight

Amit Bhadana warns Bhuvan Bam that the last time when he comes to know about his mistakes he lets go of all these things and starts a new friendship with Bhuvan, but this time he says he is not in the mood for Forgiveness. Amit Bhadana warns Bhuvan Bam and his Youtuber friend that if they repeat this act again he will make sure that you will get punishment for this.

After all this Amit Bhadana lastly shares that he is busy with his new song Aatamvishwas so he is not able to address this issue anymore. In the future, we will talk about this.

If you don’t know who is Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam so don’t worry we will tell you Amit Bhanda and Bhuvan Bam both are India’s top YouTubers.

Amit Bhadana is the fastest Indian creator to cross 10 Million subscribers on Youtube. Amit Bhadana is very famous in the eastern region of India and he makes comedy videos on his Youtube channel. Amit Bhadana has around 22.3 million subscribers on his Youtube channel and he recently uploaded his new video named and it already crosses 10 Million views on Youtube.

On the other hand, Bhuvan Bam is the first Individual creator from Indi to cross 10 million subscribers. Bhuvan Bam is very popular and famous all around India. Bhuvan used to share short comedy vines on his Youtube channel and currently, Bhuvan Bam crosses 20 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel. And he recently uploaded his QnA episode. In this episode, he answers the questions which are asked by his fans.

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