Can you take Youtube as a carrier Option?

The biggest question which arises in the mind of a Young Youtube creator is that Can we make Youtube our full-time carrier. Is Youtube has enough potential to leave our jobs because of Youtube?

If you are planning to start a new Youtube as a hobby or side income source. Then it’s a good choice for You. But if you wanted to start Youtube as a carrier option then You should Think twice before you start.

So in this, we try to give the answers to these Youtube-related questions .read the full post, then you should be able to self analyze that if you are going to take Youtube as a full carrier or as a passion or side hobby.

Here we are analyzing Youtube Potential in different criteria.

1 . Security on Youtube

The biggest question of Youtube as a carrier is the security that Youtube Provides to all the creators. First of all, we have to remember one thing always that Youtube is just a social media app.

If in the coming future if Youtube changes its policies then as a creator you have no choice without negotiation.Because it’s not a government organization.

On the other hand, if Government decides to Ban Youtube like Tik Tok there you again feel useless. Because you have nothing to do in that position. The decision is taken by the government and you have to admit their decisions like all the Tiktokers did when Tik Tok is banned from Inda.

So basically Youtube doesn’t provide any security to their content creators and in the future may be Youtube changes its Policies without your concern.

2 . Earnings on YouTube

Most of the creator is coming on Youtube just because on Money. The earning which they earn from Money are far more than the money Earn by most of the people who do daily jobs in India.

So if your Youtube earning is at least 10 times more than your Job Earning. Then you can think about leaving your job and take Youtube as a full-time carrier.

But always make sure that you have enough savings that if by chance Youtube is not working properly for you. Then you will be able to start another business. And try to invest your money in different streams to get more and more earnings.

3 . Time spent On YouTube

W know that Time is the biggest currency in recent times because if you don’t do the right thing at right time then you will be going to miss many opportunities in your life and in your carrier also.

If we talk about time spent on Youtube by any creator then the first question which I have to ask you If you have really had that much time to make content on Youtube.

I will explain this to you. For example, If you are a student and you are doing engineering and you started uploading on Youtube in your 1st year. Then technically you have almost four years for Youtube. At this time if you become successful then it’s very good for you. And if don’t get success then it does not affect you that much because you completed your degree and maybe you get a nice Job.

But the real problems occur when you have completed your degree and then you think to start a Youtube Channel. Because now you have a responsibility and you are not able to spend four years of your life on Youtube.

So please think twice before you invest your precious time in Youtube or any other Social Media.

4 . Relevant Content on YouTube

The other tips for the upcoming Youtbers are the choice of your content niches. If you wanted to pursue Youtube as a full-time Job then always try to pick that content niche which is an all-time hit.

So once you get your niche then You should start making content on that niche only and try to be more consistent to grow your youtube channel faster.

Because once you build your core audience and you will create your face value then it will become very easy for you to sustain on Youtube for a longer period of time.

So basically You have to become a personal brand of content to get more views and to make your Youtube carrier long. Because if you get a place in the top Youtube creator then the chances of your failure are becoming less on Youtube.

5 . Channel Dead Problem

Another big problem that Youtubers get is that slowly there Youtube channel becomes Dead day by Day. This means the reach of their Youtube Channel is becoming less and lesser.

This problem has happened with many big YouTubers. After getting so much success on Youtube many channels of Big content creators become irrelevant which is a very big problem for You.

So before starting any new Youtube think about this problem. So it doesn’t mean that once you get successful on Youtube then this will be Yours for all of your life. So please enjoy your journey more and take less stress about the target.

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