CarryMinati in Big Bull

CarryMinati Big Journey From Youtube To Bollywood Films

CarryMinati the most popular Youtube star in India right now. You all know who is Carryminati but very few of you know about the real story of Carryminati.

Here we are telling you the Real hard work and real journey of CarryMinati which he lived in past few years to achieve his goals and become so popular on Youtube and also telling about the CarryMinati journey of Youtube and Bollywood Movies.

Who is CarryMinati

CarryMinati’s full name is Ajey Nagar. He is from India. Before anything, You should Know about CarryMinati and Carryminati’s real work. So basically Carryminati is a Youtube Roaster you roast cringy people on Youtube and also point out some wrong points in other YouTubers Content.

Carry Minati started his youtube journey very early. Carry uploads his first video on Youtube when he was just 14 years old. Carry dedication and hard work are the only reasons that Carryminati is able to achieve so big on Youtube.

Carry Work on Youtube

CarryMinati is one of the biggest celebrities on Youtube India.CarryMinati has nearly 30 Million subscribers on Youtube which is a very big achievement for Any Individual creators.

CarryMinati’s Youtube journey is full of Ups and downs because Carry has to face a lot of criticism because of his abusive content. But carry never take that seriously and he continues to his work and this is the result of his hard work which is paying him now.

CarryMinati’s Youtube channel has so many ups and downs because once when Carryminati is a small creator then his channel is nearly deleted from Youtube just because of the copyright strikes by different YouTubers.

CarryMinati Bollywood Connection

Carry is an inspiration for all the young kids who wanted to make their carrier on Youtube. Because CarryMinati shows that you can achieve your dreams with hard work and dedication but you have to consistent in doing what you are doing right now.

Recently Carryminati signed by Ajay Devgn for a Movie.CarryMinati is the first YouTuber from India who comes to Bollywood movies with a proper role in the movies.CarryMinati will do this film with Amitabh Bachan and Ajay Devgn. This is a very huge achievement of CarryMinati

Yalgaar -The Gamechanger song

Last year We all know that there is a big fight has happened between Tiktoker and Youtubers. and There are many Youtubers who make his videos on this about criticizing Youtubers. But when CarryMinati uploads his video about Amir Siddiqui and his Tiktokers friends, then there are some unexpected things happen on Youtube. carryminati videos break all the Youtube India records in terms of views and likes.

But after some time this viral video of CarryMinati is takedown by Youtube India and they give various reasons for this. But then after this Carryminati uploads a song called Yalgaar on his Youtube channel. In this Yalgaar song, he replies to all the controversy which he has with Youtube and other Tiktokers and fellow YouTubers. And this Yalgaar song breaks all the records of the Carryminati channel and now this song crossed over 200 Million views on Youtube.

CarryMinati in Big Bull movie

As we talked about the huge success of the CarryMinati song Yalgaar and how these songs just break the Internet. Just because of this song CarryMinati is able to fulfill his dreams to do a Bolly Wood movie.

On 8th April 2021, Abhishek Bachan’s movie called BIG BULL is set to release on Hotstar. This Big Bull movie is based on the big scam of 1992 which is done by Harshad Mehta. In this movie, CarryMinati Yalgaar’s song is the title track.

Carryminati songs are used as a background theme by the movie makers of BIG BULL just because of the craze and fanbase of CarryMinati. And we all hope that this movie Big Bull and CarryMinati Yalgaar is turns out to be a good thing for all the viewers out there.

CarryMinati Popularity

CarryMinati’s popularity is on the next level among the youngsters in India. Because of the fight between TIktokers and Youtubers which is happened last year when the whole country is in lockdown.

After this fight incident, the popularity of Carryminati goes on to another level in Youtube India. Now Carryminati is becoming a household name in the Indian Youtuber community and many peoples love CarryMinati content and madly waiting for CarryMinati’s New video.

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