Dhruv Rathee Going to Jail?

Dhruv Rathee In Big Problem, May Go to Jail

We all know about the ongoing Drama between Youtuber Dhruv Rathee and Another Youtuber String Reveals. This drama is going on between Dhruv and String s ongoing from a long time now.

But this time Dhruv Rathee is got into a big Problem because due to this Dhruv Rathee may go into jail.

So basically some days ago there is a screen recording between Dhruv Rathee and a minor boy is going viral on social media. In this screen recording, there is a chat between Dhruv Rathee and That boy.

In the conversation between Dhruv Rarhee and this minor boy Dhruv Rathee tells him that ” He is able to find out his IP Address and after some time Police will come to your house to take you to jail”.

Just after this statement of Dhruv Rathee got into Big trouble because this chat portion is reported by someone to our National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)

And after Reporting the case to NCPCR, they started an investigation against Dhruv Rathee on the basis of illegally obtaining the IP location of a minor.

String gives this information through their official Twitter account and shares a news article from a reputed news Website as shown below

So the Drama between Dhruv Rathee and String Reveals is Still Continuing and we don’t know how far it gone. But stay connected to us we giving you all the Update

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