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Earn Money from Youtube as a Student in 2021

Students always struggle with money in their student life. But From Youtube, many students earn a very good amount of money in their college days. So if you wanted to earn money from Youtube this post is for You.

Youtube is an open platform for all the creators or for common people also. On Youtube, you have to upload content, and then you can also earn money on Youtube.

Youtube is a game-changing platform for many people and students. Many students from across this world become millionaires with the help of Youtube.

The main thing which you need to earn money from Youtube is consistency and patience and good quality of content. If you have all these things then nobody stops you to achieve your goals and earn money from Youtube.

First Make a email

The first step to earning money from Youtube is that you should have a Youtube channel. So for creating a Youtube channel you need an Email address. Only with the help of email, you will be able to create a Youtube Channel.

So for creating an email address go to your Gmail account and add your details as they ask and after providing all the details you will get an Email. With this email, you will able to create a channel.

Choose a Content Niche

When you deciding to start making content on Youtube then you should also think about what type of content you are going to upload on Youtube.

The niche of your content is very important because once you start uploading content on youtube then it becomes very difficult for you to change the content. So choose your content niche very wisely before uploading the content.

If you don’t about niche then don’t worry I will tell you about Youtube Niche. On youtube, there are different categories of content like comedy videos, Tech Videos, Vlogs, Roasting Videos. So from all of these categories, you have to choose one category for your content. And this particular niche is called Niche for you. So decide your content Niche very wisely and if you want you can take advice from your family members also.

Create a channel on Youtube

After creating an email and deciding your content niche the next step is to create a Youtube Channel. Because without any Youtube there is no point in Youloading videos on Youtube.

So go to your Youtube account and there you will find a create account option. Select this account and you will all set to upload your content on Youtube.

Start Making Videos

After creating the Youtube channel successfully the next step is to start uploading co0ntent on your channel. Try to create good quality videos on Youtube Because once You upload the video on Youtube it’s there for a lifetime.

After uploading a Video on youtube make a good thumbnail for your channel and upl0oad it on your video. If you have a good thumbnail then you will get a new viewer very fast.

Complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours Watchtime

The next step to earn money from Youtube is to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. Because if you are failed to complete 1000 subscribers and 400 watch time then you are not able to apply for Adsense.

And without any Adsense account, you are not able to earn money from youtube. So please create Adsense very carefully because it’s the most important step.

Create a adsense account

After completing 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time barriers the next step for you to create an Adsense account. If you have already an AdSense account then its good for you but if you don’t have an Adsense account then just go to the Google AdSense website and create an account.

When you are creating a Google Adsense account you have to tell the exact and correct details of your information. Otherwise, Google will block your Adsense account.

Apply for Adsense partner Program

After creating the Adsense account the most of the work is finished. Now the last step is left which is to apply for the Youtube Partner program. Go to the Youtube monetization section and apply for the youtube partner program.

After applying for the partner program You have to wait for some time because Youtube took some time to respond to your request. Youtube will not take much time so wait for a reply.

Once you approved by Youtube to their partner program then you will all set to earn from Youtube. For more money you just have to post videos regularly then you will earn a good amount of money from Youtube for sure.

I hope all this information in this post is very valuable for you and learn the right way to earn money from Youtube as a student. And not just students this method is applicable for all people of every age.

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