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Easy Jobs Placement By Applying My Methods

Placements are the biggest dream for every Engineering student who enters the first year of college. College placements and off-campus placements are very easy to get if you follow a good placement roadmap.

So here we are sharing a step-by-step roadmap of placement. With the help of Roadmap, you can easily find your dream job and easily achieve your carrier goals.

Select Coding language

The very first of the placement roadmap is to choose a coding language. We all know that there are a lot of coding languages in the market. So you have to choose one coding language and start learning this language.

After selecting your coding language try to cover all the basic concepts of your language. Try to not waste much time on your coding language, try to finish the learning of coding language in a week or in two weeks not more than two weeks.

Also, learn and practice the basic programs of your chosen coding language. And try to practice more questions based on syntax and have a great understanding of Syntax.

Learn Data Structure and Data Algorithms

Data Structures and Data Algorithms is the first need that any product company demand from you whenever you applying for Placement. So try to learn data structure and data algorithms in as much depth as you can.

Try to covers some famous and most important concepts on a data structure which are Array Stack Queue Ds Graph, Ds Sorting. And in Data algorithms, the main topics are Dynamic Programming, backtracking, Greedy Algorithm.

Try to practice some practice questions on each of the above-written topics from the above list and have a good idea about the syntax of all of these algorithms and practice as more as you can.

Important Theory Subjects

After learning and practicing od coding language and your Data structures and data algorithms the next step is to learn the theoretical subjects which are very important from the written test of view.

Here are all those important subjects for Theory – 1. Operating System, 2. Computer Networks, 3. Object-oriented Programming, 4. Database Management System, 5. Compiler Design.

Learn all the important concepts of all these above-written subjects because all these subjects are very very important for you whenever you writing any written exam related to engineering .and also very very important for personal Interview also.


Projects are a very underrated topic amongst the students who want a job in big placement companies because whenever you wanted to apply for a job try to put your projects in your resume. From the find of Projects, you worked on the interviewer guessing your potential and your ability to do work.

There are different kinds of domains to make projects for example Android Development, Machine Learning, Web Developments. You can choose any one of these domains and started to work on your projects.

but always remember whenever you work on a Project whether it a shared project or your individual project try to get all the knowledge of that Project >because the Interviewer can ask you anything about that Project.

Competitive coding

Competitive coding is the biggest weapon of all the students who wanted to apply for campus and wanted to get a job above thirty lakh rupees.

Because sometimes you belong from a tier 3 college and then there are no big companies coming into your college for placements. Then you have only one option left which is Off-campus Placement.

There are different websites from which you can start your journey of competitive coding and the best thing about competitive coding is that you can add your achievements and your rankings into your Resume.

Aptitude and Reasoning

After all the above steps then the second last is the preparation of Aptitude and Reasoning. In this section who have to basically prepare the common topics of Mathematics like Percentage, Average, Clockj Problems, Relative Problems, etc.

The preparation of Aptitude is not that difficult if you are a hard-working student then you can easily prepare this section within a week and after preparing and learning all the theoretical concepts of aptitude try to give some mock tests.

With the help of these mock tests you can prepare much faster and in a better way and also these mock test for aptitude gives you a real-time experience of Test.

Interview Preparation

After all the above steps you did correctly and you passed all the written tests and coding tests for a company in which you applied then the last step is the Interview round which is very important.

For your Interview round, you have to prepare some parts which are your communication Skill and Your Body language, and also your general personality.

There are different sources are available on the Internet from which you can easily learn how to prepare for your coding interview. But remember one thing never take this step lightly because is the round which is deciding factor of your future in that company.

I hope we guide you in a good way and each you some good thing. Try to be consistent and follow our full roadmap and in next six month definitely you will get you dream job in your dream company.

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