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How to Choose the Best Coding Language in 2021

Coding Language is the biggest headache for new people who wanted to start their carrier in the programming field. Because They are unable to choose the best coding languages for them.

There are many programming languages available in the market forex. C,C++ ,Java ,Python etc.Every beginner in the coding field is confused about language in the starting, In this post, we are explaining to you how to choose the best coding language for yourself.

Here we are dividing your programming choices into different. After analyzing your choices in various rules who will be able to choose the best and most suitable coding language for Yourself.

What is Coding Language

First, if you know about coding language then it’s totally fine. But the people who don’t know about Coding languages or programming languages, Don’t worry I will explain to you in this post.

So basically like we use our languages to communicate with each other the when we have to communicate with computers then we have to use coding languages or any programming languages.

Your Education Area

Your Educational field very important in your choices.Because for example if you are an Artificial Intelligence student then you have to focus more on machine learning and for this, you have to learn Python language.

But on the other hand, if you wanted to be a simple software programmer then you can choose any language you want. So there are no boundations for you. You can choose the language you want.

and also if your job priority is also very important. If you wanted to learn coding languages only for placements then C++ is good but if you wanted to do competitive programming then you can choose java because it is very helpful to you in your journey. So choose wisely after analyzing all the conditions.

Personal choices of Coding Languages

Personal choices in play are very important in the selection of your coding language or your first programming language. The personal choice basically means your personal preferences of the coding language.

For example, I know some people who are very comfortable working on C++ language as compared to Java. On the other hand, there are many people you find working on Java more comfortable as compared to other programming languages.

If you are not able to decide your coding language then I will suggest you learn some basic syntax of some languages and the language which you find more comfortable choose that language as your first language.

Market Demands of Coding Language

The choice of your first coding language may depend on the market in which you want to apply. For if you wanted to learn C++ but there are some companies you are not using C++ language in their companies.

So if you wanted any job in those companies then you have to learn that coding which these kinds of company are using. Because this is the only way you will able to get a job in these companies.

Future Growth of Programming Language

Future growth is also playing a vital role in the journey of the selection of your first programming language. Because there are some very popular programming in the market which is considered as the one the best language in the past but in r4cent times very few people are using those languages.

In the same, the programming language which is very popular in recent times may be after five or ten years that is maybe or may not remain that popular.

So Whenever you have to choose your programming language always keep the future growth of that langu8age. For example, there are many new programming languages that are becoming popular day by day. So try to learn these languages also. These languages help you to achieve more success in the upcoming future.

Hit and Trial of Coding Language

The other and last method for all the confused students is the Hit and Trial method.SO basically in this method, you can try to learn different programming languages.

After trying different languages and after learning various languages. Then finally you can decide the programming language which is most suitable for you and you can enjoy your coding journey.


So I hope after all the above heading helps you making your choice of your first coding language. I only purpose of this post is to help all the young programmers who want to make their carrier in the tech field.

If you still confused about your choice then here is the last piece of advice for you. The last piece of advice is to don’t think too much is selecting your first language. From a point, you have to start your carrier in coding. So just start learning and in the future, you will be able to take the right decision for yourself.

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