How to STAY motiVATED

How to Find Energy to stay Motivated all the time in 2021

In this pandemic, we all are suffering from different kinds of problems in our lives. And the most common thing which we all suffering is the motivation in our life.

We all wanted to do something good and great in our lives. But we can not able to do that. Many of us don’t have the guts to start doing something new and productive. And if we start doing something new, then we again leave it after some time.

So here we are discussing this problem that how to stay motivated all the 365 days on the calendar and how to become more and more productive and how to achieve your goals.

Why we need Motivation

Before all of this first, we need to know Why We need motivation. This is the most important question in humans’ life. Because every time you do something there are some reasons attached to it. There are some reasons because of those reasons you start doing that task.

In the same, if you wanted to achieve something big then you also need some reasons to do that. And these reasons are also known as motivation. Because once we get to know about all the reasons to become successful then our body and brains start working towards the goal.

So to achieve something big in our life we must need motivation in our life. Because motivation keeps the energy inside us and gives us the needed push to achieve big in our lives

Reward Yourself

Rewards this word is the biggest factor for the humans to something big and extraordinary. for example, A whole class is competing for the first position in his school. Because they all know if they get the first position they will get a reward from their schools or teachers.

In the same in our life, we have to reward ourselves whenever we achieve something. Because if we don’t reward ourselves then there is no motivation left in us to do something.

For example, if you love to eat Pizza then you can put Pizza as your reward. So whenever you complete some difficult task in your life then you should re3ard yourself with the Pizza you like. Or If you are wanted to go somewhere then put this thing as a reward in your life and tasks. And when you completed these tasks you can go to your favorite places as a reward.

Be True With Yourself

“Be True with Yourself” If you understand this line then half of your task is already done. Or in case you didn’t understand than the basic meaning of this line is don’t lie to yourself.

In today’s world, everyone wanted to get famous and rich. And in a motive to achieve this they faked a lot of things to other people. Like they faked their lifestyles .they fake their behavior.

SO if you wanted to successfull in your life then you have to be true with you.Because you are the only person who knows everything about you and you can judge yourself.

After analyzing yourself if you think that you are able to achieve some goals which you wanted then it’s ok. But if you don’t feel like to not doing it then no motivation can work for you. Motivation is all about the inner energy of yours.

Set Small Goals

Motivation is directly proportional to results. Because once we start getting results in our favor then we automatically feel motivated in our goals. But if we haven’t got any success then we are not able to get motivated all the time.

So to avoid these problems start making small goals. Because once you start achieving your goals then you have to feel proud of yourself. That yes you can do it. And because of this you will feel energetic and motivated all the time.

On the other hand, if you directly make big goals then you will not enjoy your small wins properly and that will make you feel exhausted and this will cost you many things in your life Which is not good for you and your mental health. Because you are starting to doubt yourself and your ability to do tasks.


I hope you get a fair idea of how to get motivated in your life in every situation. If you still have any doubts so you can ask us in the comments or you can contact our team through the contact us section.

We are more than happy to resolve your doubts and questions. And if there is something you didn’t like in our post so you can also write that in the comments.

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