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How to write a Seo Optimized Post on Website in 2021

SEO is the biggest Weapon for you if you want to get more visitors to your posts or on your website.SEO is very helpful in the ranking of your posts on the first page of google search.

Because of so many usages of SEO, every blogger should know about SEO and how to use this SEO in your posts, and in this post we have covered all the points about SEO which you should know about SEO.So please read this post carefully in a full attentive way.

What is Seo

SEO is basically meant SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. As the name suggests itself SEO helps us to optimize our posts for the google search engine.

If you write any post on your website and you want to rank your post on the first page of google search then Google SEO is the only way from which you reached the first page of google ranking.

When you write your post on your website then there is a proper pattern for an SEO-optimized post which I shared with you below. To learn all these below methods and apply them in your posts.

Things to remember of SEO

There are few important things about SEO which you have to remember before applying SEO tricks in your posts. First of all SEO optimization is along with the procedure. Which means that when you put all the SEO optimization method in your videos then it does not directly give you the result.

Instead of that SEO provides you the good results after some time. For example, if you write an SEO-optimized post today then you may see the result of your SEO-optimized after 15 days.

Headings in post

The heading is one of the most important points in writing a good SEO post. For an SEO-optimized post put your main point of the post is Heading.

There is a different type of Heading is present in WordPress.So choose your Headings according to your Post content. If you have five big points to discuss in Your Post then you should add Five H2 Heading and if these five headings have some subpoints, then you put these subpoints in the H3 headings of your posts.

From past data and after observation of google’s first page we saw some strange points about headings. nine out of 10 posts that ranked on the first page of google have headings in their content.


Interlinking is one of the most underrating SEO tips which people don’t use in recent times. But I will tell you with the help of interlinking you will get a great boom in your google rankings.

Interlinking is basically meant the interconnection of your different posts. For example, if you write a new post about Youtube and you earlier write a post about some of Youtube features then you can put a link to that earlier post in this new post. This whole process is known as Interlinking.

Add Images

Images are very important in the SEO optimization of your pots. Because of Images, you will get another chance of getting more audience from the google images searches.

If your post is not doing well in the google search engine then with the help of google images you can target the google image searches. Because in google images google only ranks the images of your posts.

With the help of these google images in the posts, you will easily get a new audience. But always remember to put your target keyword in the alt tags of your image.

Make a good features image

Feature image is also a very essential part of your posts. The featured image of your post is like a Thumbnail of your Youtube videos. If you wanted to get more views then shave to make good featured images.

Whenever someone shares your content on other social media then always the viewers see your featured images as the first impression. And think about this if your featured image is not good then the chance of viewers click on your post is very very less.

Choose a low competion Keyword

After all of the above techniques of SEO, the most important of Keyword has come. Choosing the right keyword for the post and placing the keywords in right place is very very important from an SEO point of view.

For finding a less competitive keyword you can use different keyword analyzer tools. But the main part comes after choosing of keyword which is placing the keyword into the right places of the posts.

Once you find the right place to put your keywords then you will be ranked on the first page of the google search engine the first page.

I hope you will get the information about SEO and if you still have some doubts about SEO and about any other technique you can contact us through our email.

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