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New Update of Instagram Reels and Drop Feature makes a Big Impact

We all know Instagram is one of the most famous and popular social media apps among youths all over the world. And Instagram regularly rolls out new features on its app.

This time Instagram brings 3 more new features for its users across the globe. And if you get successful to launch these features the way they wanted then it becomes very very big for all the Instagram users and creators.

SO here we are discussing all those features and analyze them and tell the advantages and disadvantages of those features so you can use those feature and makes most out of it.

Instagram Adds Pronounce Feature for Users

Instagram brings this new feature of pronouncing for all the users on profile.OS basically this pronounce feature is all about the Pronounce keywords you wanted to add to your profiles.

For example, many times we all see in people’s bio. They write HE /She, His/Her. So many people use to write their bio like this. But with this new update of Insta Pronounce Instagram adds pre-built features for users to add these pronounce in their profiles.

To add pronounce of your profiles you have to go to your edit profile option and you will find that option to change or add the pronounce for your account. This feature is in testing mode in some countries. So maybe not all users get this feature right now. But in feature, this feature will be available for everyone.

Make Money Through Instagram Reels

This is like a dream for Instagram creators to get money on Instgram throgh their content.But this time Instgram brings a new featur of make money through Instagram reels.

In this featuree all the Instagram celebrities who makes Instagram reels are eligible to make oney through their reels.Instagram shares his little amount of ad revenuse with all the reels creatore acrooss the world.

We all know that Instagram is really pushing the reels to feature very hard for the past six months. And with this update, the craze of Instagram reels in go to the next level. Because everybody wants to earn more money.

But this feature is not available for anyone right now. Instagram is planning to launch this feature at the end of this year. But honestly, if these features went well then it totally changes the face of shorty content on the internet.

Instagram Drop Feature

Instagram Drop feature is a very big step by Instagram for all of its creators. Because with the help of this feature all the creators no matter he is big or small is able to launch their exclusive merchandise or products on Instagram.

For example, we heard many times that Adidas is dropping only 50 pieces of these shoes. In the same way, all the creators get the option of Drop of their profile .where they can add their limited products as a drop for their audience.

And whenever these products are open for sale. Instagram sends updates to the followers that this product is live now and only a few pieces are left, So please ago and but before it went out of stock.

And again this feature is also in testing mode in the USA and it takes some time to become available for all the users across the globe. But we are very happy with all those new features which Instagram planning to roll out soon for all his users and creators in their platform.

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