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Real Reason for Bad Performance of Mumbai Indians In IPL 2021

Mumbai Indians is one of the most successful teams of IPL. Mumbai Indians Performance is IPl 2021 is not up to mark till now. So here are the top 5 players who can change the destiny of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2021 next phase.

Mumbai Performance in 2021 Ipl is not good as their reputation. Because Mumbai Indians is 5 times the winner of the IPL trophy. So in every new season, all the fans of Mumbai Indians have expected a good performance from his favorite team.

But in all 2021 Mumbai Indians only able to win 2 matches in their first five matches. But we all know that Mumbai Indians many times makes comeback after losing the first few matches at the starting of a new IPL season.

Because we all know Mumbai Indians has a very experienced and balanced team and they can win matches anytime and anywhere. So here we are discussing the top 5 batsmen who help Mumbai Indians to make a strong comeback in IPL 2021.

Best 5 Players for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2021

1 . Rohit Sharma

The number one player who can help Mumbai Indians in their comeback in IPl 2021 second half is Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma is a match-winner for Mumbai Indians. Rohit also leading Mumbai Indians for the past eight years.

Rohit Sharma is a very experienced player in IPl and also in International cricket. So he has already seen many situations like this and he amazingly brings their team out from the critical situations many times.

But this year IPL is a little different from past IPL seasons. This time Rohit Sharma has to score more runs with his bat. Because every time Rohit Sharma expects a big season from Rohit Sharma. But Sharma failed to deliver a big Season. But this time in IPL2021 we hoping for a great season from Rohit Sharma Bat.

2 . Surya Kumar Yadav

Surya Kumar Yadav is another superstar batsman from Mumbai Indians. Surya Kumar is slowly becoming the most reliable batsman in Mumbai Indians Squad.

Recently SuryaKumar Yadav Make his Debut for team India against England. In this series, Surya Kumar justifies the hype around his name from the past few years.

But this year Surya Kumar Yadav’s performance is very average. In this year of IPL 2021, Surya Kumar Yadav only manages to score one half-century. But we all know how talented batsman Surya Kumar Yadav is. So we all hope our best that Surya Kumar Yadav brings back his form for Mumbai Indians and wins many matches for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2021.

mumbai indians 5 best players

3 . Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah is the biggest weapon for Mumbai Indians if they wanted to win more the title of IPL 2021. Jasprit Bumrah, again and again, proves his worth for Mumbai Indians at different times.

Jasprit Bumrah is the goto bowler for Mumbai Indians and also for Rohit Sharma. So every time Rohit Sharma needs a wicket he brings Jasprit Bumrah on the attack and Bumrah never disappoints him.

Jasprit Bumrah performanc is IPl 2021 is not upto mark.But we all know how talented and hard-working Bumrah does in their bowling. We all hope that Jasprit Bumrah back in form and wins matches for Mumbai Indians.

4 . Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is the biggest match-winner for Mumbai Indians. Hardik Pandya is the biggest and best all-rounder in India right now. So we all expect some good performances from him.

Hardik Pandya Performance in this IPL 2021 is not good. He continuously scores low runs in their every Innings for Mumbai Indians till now in this IPL season.

But we all know the talent and capabilities which Hardik Pandya has. But we all hoping that Hardik Pandya soon comes back in form and wins Matches for Mumbai Indians before it’s too late.

5 . Trent Boult

Trent Boult is the biggest Match winner for Mumbai Indians in the last season of IPL. Along with Jasprit Bumrah, Trent Boult is an equally important bowler for Mumbai Indians.

Trent boult is a left-handed bowler for Newzealand. Trent Boult is the biggest weapon for Mumbai Indians for early wickets in Powerplay. Boult breaks the momentum of the opposition by taking some wickets.

But in IPL 2021 Trent Boult is not performing according to his reputation. Trent Boult’s form is very important for Mumbai Indians To become the winner of IPL 2021. We all hope that Trent Boult back in his form and win many matches for Mumbai Indians this season and helps Mumbai Indians to win the title of IPL 2021.

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