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Sahil Khan is Exposed by Youtuber Smart N Fit

Sahil Khan is one of the best fitness icons in India. But recently Sahil Khan is exposed By a Youtuber called Smart N Fit. Smart N Fit Youtuber uploads a video about Sahil Khan Brand Divine Nutrition.

So basically the story starts when Sahil Khan is claiming that his own brand Divine Nutrition is the first USA Fda registered brand from India.

But the Smart N Fit Youtube channel uploads a video on Youtube and clarifies the lies claims by Sahil Khan. This Youtuber tells in his videos that US FDA does not give certificates to dietary products and Sahil Khan Divine Nutrition is a Diet Nutrition Products.

Smart N Fit also emails the official authorities of the US FDA and asks them to recheck the claims of Sahil Khan. When they respond to that Youtuber they say they didn’t maintain a list of all registered products by FDA.

What is USA FDA registration

FDA is a US-based organization that takes care of the quality of the product in the US. US FDA’s main working model is to check the condition of any new drug or any new product before launching in the US.

FDA is very strict about its rules and regulation about the product. They perform different kinds of tests on the products and after that when a product passed all of their tests they only pass and register that product.

What is divine nutrition

Sahil khan Divine Nutrition

Divine Nutrition is a brand launched by Sahil Khan. Divine Nutrition is a dietary brand that helps you to develop a good physique and maintain a good lifestyle.

All the drama between Sahil Khan and the Smart N Fit Youtube channel is based on Divine Nutrition products. As Sahil Khan claims that Divine Nutrition is registered under US FDA.

Who is Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan is an Indian Bollywood actor, Youth Icon, and Body Builder. Sahil Khan is quite popular in India, especially in Maharashtra./ Sahil Khan is one of the biggest brands in the fitness industry.

Sahil Khan has always come in news because of his amazing lifestyle which he shares on his social media, Sahil Khan is also having a very big fanbase on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Who is Smart n fit

Smart N Fit is a fitness Youtuber. On his channel, he uses to share important information about fitness and bodybuilding. And also he points out many Youtubers on his channel who share some wrong information with their audience.

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