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The reality of Youtube Shorts and Shorts Monetization

Youtube is always trying new features on its platform. So recently Youtube shares its new feature of Youtube Shorts. This feature is going very strong and people love this feature.

What is Youtube Shorts

The main question that arises is “What is Youtube Shorts “.So Youtube short is a new feature of Youtube which allows all the content creators to share a video of fewer than 60 seconds on Youtube. Youtube Shorts is becoming very popular among users.

Reasons of Success of Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts is becoming more and more successful day by day. The main reason for the success of Youtube Shorts is the reach that Youtube shorts provide to the new creators. Youtube Shorts is helping to gain more subscribers to the new creators as compared to other features of Youtube.

How to Upload Youtube Shorts

Youtube shorts uploading features are only available on Mobile. This feature is not available on desktop or laptop devices. So if you want to upload Youtube Shorts on your channel then you should only upload them from your Mobile.

The important point here is that we have to upload a video in the 4:3. If you don’t post in the aspect ratio then the Youtube algorithm doesn’t detect the Youtube Shorts video.

Can We Monetized Youtube Shorts

As day by day Youtube Shorts features are becoming popular. So there are some confusing are also started into the young creators and also the past creators.

So the main question that arises is that Can we Monetize our Youtube shorts. SO the answer to this question is Yes we can definitely make money from our Youtube Shorts Monetization.

But there is a big condition for Youtube Shorts Monetization. So you only get ads on those youtube Shorts videos which played by the viewers when they come on Your channel.

When any viewer watches your videos in the Youtube SHorts section then you don’t get any watch time and ads on your Youtube Shorts. So for those plays on the Youtube shorts section, you don’t get any revenue from Youtube.

Watch time of Youtube Shorts

The main confusion in the creators is that about the watch time from Youtube Shorts. SO let me clear that Youtube shorts watch time is only added to your account when the viewer comes to your channel and watches the video from the browse section.

Tips For Youtube Shorts

If you are becoming successful on Youtube, then Youtube Shorts is the biggest chance for You. Follow these steps to make your Youtube Shorts videos viral.

  1. Add Hashtags into your Youtube Shorts Videos
  2. Always try to post a video on the 4:3 ratio.
  3. Try to fix a specific time of uploading your video on Youtube.
  4. Try to make a good thumbnail for Your Youtube shorts video.

Hope this post helps you in the understanding of Youtube Shorts functioning. If you have any queries about Shorts then we shout email us the contact us section.

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