top 3 indian viner on youtube

Top 3 Indian Viners on Youtube

Youtube is quite a famous platform in India in recent times. Youtube is becoming a household app for all people around the world.

The reach of Youtube is spreading its feet in India very strongly. Youtube not just reaches to the urban Indian but he manages to cover the people’s attention from rural areas of India.

The content making on Youtube has so many categories but the categories which bring more fame and attention from people all around the world is “Vines” or in other languages, we can translate Vines as comedy videos. In India, there are a lot of Creators on Youtube who make comedy videos, but in this video, we talk about a few best youtube viners from India.

Top 3 You tube Vines creator from India

3. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is one of the fastest people or creators in Youtube India in terms of growth. Amit Bhadana breaks all the records from all the previous YouTubers and becomes the First Individual creator to cross 20 Million subscribers. Amit Bhadana is one of the YouTuber who pops out in the early phase of Youtube India because of his funny videos in his so-called Desi or regional language. Amit Bhadana is time to time trolled for his Desi or the stereotypical type of Content. But with all of these, he also gets the love and support of his fans from all across India and also all over the world. Currently, Amit Bhadana has over 22 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel and he is holding the 3rd position in the list of Highest subscribers for an Individual creator. Amit Bhadana is on the 3rd number in our list of Top Indian viners on Youtube.

2. Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani is on 2nd number in our list of top Indian Viners. Ashish Chanchlani is an Engineer by profession and he started his content-making journey on Instagram and then he switched to Youtube. Ashish Chanchlani is unstoppable for the past few years, all his content and his acting skills improved a lot in the past few years. Ashish Chanchlani is one the biggest creator on Youtube India. Ashish reaches a level where he easily gets over 25 Million Views on his every video. Ashish Chanchlani has over 23 Million subscribers of His channel “Ashish Chanchlani Vines “. Currently, Ashish is got 2nd highest amount of subscribers among all the Individual Youtube creators of India. But he time to time proves that he will be at the number one place very soon.

1. Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam the real ” OG” of Youtube India. Bhuvan Bam is one guy who brings the trend of Vines to the India > Bhuvan Bam is the guy for which every Individual creator tries to make his carrier on Youtube. Bhuvan Bam is the first Indian Vines creator from India who crosses 1 Million subscribers on India and he is the one who crosses 10 Million subscribers on youtube India. Bhuvan Bam first becomes famous in Pakistan and then later his videos become viral in India and he becomes Youtube Star in India. Bhuvan Bam is treated as a celebrity in India nowadays and he is becoming the brand ambassador of many brands in recent times. Bhuvan used to funny comedy vines on his Youtube channel Called “BB Ki Vines”. Bhuvan Bam currently has almost 20 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

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