Biggest gamers of India

Top 5 Biggest Indian Gaming channel on Youtube

Youtube is like a dream achiever for everyone in the world. There are different niches on Youtube. And gaming is one of the niches on Youtube to make content.

Youtube gaming in India is increasing in an exponential way for the past two years and the only credit goes to Pubg Mobile when this game is Launched in India and everyone starts liking his game and plays this game.

Gaming is one of the niches on Youtube, where you don’t need a heavy setup. You just need a smartphone and your gaming skills and you are ready to make content for your channel.

Here we are discussing best gaming channel in India lets start the topic

#Biggest Gaming Channels Of India

#5. Mortal


Mortal is an Indian Esports Player from India. Mortal real name is Naman Mathur. Currently Mortal is one of the biggest gaming creators from India on Youtube. Now Mortal Has around 7 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

The journey of Gaming in Mortal life starts at a very early age when he used to play games like Super Mario and GTA Vice City. As time passes Mortal tries many different games in his carrier. And slowly Naman Mathur aka Mortal becomes a hardcore gamer.

But the real change in his life comes when Youtube gaming is becoming popular in India. Mortal starts streaming on Youtube in Around 2017 but as soon as PUBG launched in India he started streaming PUBg Mobile on his Youtube channel. This is the most defining moment of Mortal carrier his Youtube channel started to take off and suddenly mortal gets millions of views and subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Along with his gaming on Youtube, Mortal starts playing in various Esports competitions in India or around the world. ANd Mortal never let down their fans’ expectations and he wins many Esports Competition. ANd slowly his fan following started increasing and he becomes one of the best gaming creators of India on Youtube.

Although the growth of Mortal channel is decreasing after the PUBG ban in India. But Mortal still tries his best to entertain his audience by playing other games. We hope that Mortal grows on Youtube as much he wants and deserves.

#4. Carry is Live

Carry is Live
Carry Is Live subscribers

“Carry is Live” is an Indian gaming Channel that is run by India’s Biggest Creator CarryMinati.CarryMinati used to play different games on this Youtube channel and he quite enjoys them while playing. “Carry is Live” is a Youtube channel that has around 8.8 Million subscribers on his youtube channel. Carry Minati start liv gaming streaming on his youtube channel around 4 years back and he is successfully doing this and continues to do this in the future.

CarryMinati is one the first YouTuber who live stream on their youtube channels before PUBG introduces to India. Carry gaming carrier is not dependent on the only PUBG like other youtube streamers. Carry audience is come to his channel to view him playing and not for a specific game.

After Youtube vs Tiktok controversy, the channel of CarryMinati is also increasing at a good pace. But the way of playing and level of entertainment increased faster than his channel growth.

#3. Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo gaming is one of the best big gamers in India. Dynamo is by far the first streamer from India who starts streaming on his youtube channel called” DYNAMO GAMING”. Dynamo a full name is “AADI SAWANT”. Dynamo gaming has more than 9 Million subscribers on its Youtube channel.

Dynamo is the creator who went viral from the launch of PUBG gaming and from there his journey for Youtube gaming is complete changes and he becomes a Youtube star.

But after the PUBG ban in India, the growth of the Dynamo channel has become very slow and but he continues to entertain his audience by playing other games like Free fire and Call of Duty. Dynamo gives a very famous line to the Indian Gaming community which is “PATT SE HEADSHOT”.

#2. Techno Gamerz

Techno Gamerz

Techno Gamerz is currently the second-biggest creator on Youtube in the gaming niche. Techno gamerz real name is UJJWAL. Techno gamerz started his youtube journey 3 years ago. Now Techno gamerz has around 12 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Techno Gamerz has started his youtube carrier by uploading his youtube carrier by telling his viewers about the technical knowledge of the different games. But after a few times, he shifts his channel to complete gaming-oriented and now he is one of the most successful gaming YouTubers in the community.

#1. Total Gaming

Total Gaming

Total Gaming is the biggest gaming channel on Youtube. Total gaming has around 19 Million subscribers on its Youtube channel. Total gaming is run by a single guy who handles all the content of this channel.

When everyone is focusing on PUBG Mobile, then Total Gaming is come up with a new gameplay video of Free FIre and because of the low competition on this game, he grows very fast on youtube.

At this speed rate, we definitely tell that he very soon competes for 20 Million subscribers on his Youtube Channel and Total gaming becomes the first gaming channel to complete for 20 Million subscribers on the Indian Youtube channel.

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