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Top 5 Most Underrated Youtubers In India

India has many YouTube stars and many more to come from Youtube because it is just a starting for Youtube in India. Many people complete their dreams with the help of Youtube.

Bhuvan Bam, Ajey Nagar, Amit Bhadana, etc are many big names in Youtube India you make a space in the heart of their fans in al over the world and they continue to improve their content and become more and more successful on Youtube and other social media platforms.

But there are many YouTubers who are Deserve more success as they get now from the audience and we call them Underrated YouTuber on Youtube

So today we are discussing the list of Top 5 YouTubers who are really underrated on Youtube.

5. Ankur Phatak

Ankur Pathak is one of the first generation Youtuber. Ankur Pathak starts his Youtube journey from a Famous youtube channel “Nazarbhattu Productions’. Ankur Pathak’s mimicry and acting skills make him one of the best talent of youtube India. Ankur Pathak works with Nazarbattu Productions in the initial days of his youtube carrier, after some time Ankur left this channel and he starts his new channel called “Sadak Chaap” with his friend Shubam Gaur. On this channel, Ankur Pathak works for almost one year. but after some time things are not working between Shubam Gaur and Ankur Pathak, and they decided to move their steps apart. Then Ankur left the channel Sadak Chaap and he starts his own Youtube Channel with his name ” Ankur Phatak “.

Currently, Ankur Pathak has only 298k subscribers on his youtube channel which is very few according to his talent and his acting skills. We hope that soon Ankur will get everything in his life that he deserves.

4. Shubam Gaur

Shubam Gaur is also known for his on-screen name Satbeer. Shubam Gaur is also started his youtube journey with the same channel where Ankur Pathak works which is Nazarbattu Productions. Shubam Gaur is quite popular with his videos of his opinions on various social topics which he make with his friend Rajesh Yadav and they both are very famous for his On-screen name Dalbeer – Satbeer. After sometimes Shybham stopped working with Nazar battu productions and he stats his new youtube channel called Sadak Chaap with his friend Ankur Pathak. After some time Shubam also stops working on the Sadak Chaap channel and then he again opened a new channel called The Burning Brains with his friend Rajesh Yadav. where he used to upload comedy videos.

Currently, Shubam Gaur is getting good offers from different web series. Shubam Gaur’s performance as JAAT in the Amazon Prime show Hostel dayz is very much liked by the audience. In this series, he plays the role of a Jaat boy who got admission in IIT by donation.

Shubam Gaur Youtube

But Shubam Gaur’s youtube carrier is not going well because he recently launched his new Youtube channel where he barely manages to get only thirty thousand subscribers. But we hope Shubam Gaur continues his hard work and gets more and more successful in his life.

3.Love Babbar

Love Babbar is yet another who is not getting enough support which he deserves. Love Babbar is not a comedy video creator. Love Babbar has an Education related channel. In his V9deo he explains the coding interview preparations and coding languages preparation. Love Babbar explains everything in a very easy manner, and he used to make roadmap videos for different subjects which is very helpful for all the students. Love Babbar is currently working as a software developer at Amazon. Love Babbar completes his B tech Degree from Delhi.

Love Babbar Subscribers

Love Babbar has around 160k Subscribers on his youtube channel now. But we know he has a long way to go in the field of content making and we hope he achieves more success.

2. Shan Prashar

Shan Prasahr is Indian Based Youtuber who reviews movies and web series on his youtube channel named Shan Prashar. Shan Prashar earlier used to work with the MensXp Youtube channel. Shan Prashar and his friend Zain Anwar “Honest Reviews” segment is a very good and very successful at a time. But suddenly SHan decided to move to Canada and he has to leave the India and MensXp channel. Then Shan opened His own Youtube channel, but on this youtube, Shantanu is not getting that much audience and appreciation which he deserves. Shan review videos are always to the point and they are biased. Shan never promotes any bad films on his channel just because of money. We all Shan grow on youtube very well and very soon and deserve all the success which he wants.

Shan Prashar review

Now Shan Only manages to get around 80k subscribers on his youtube channel which is very less.

1 . Salil Jamdar

Salil Jamdar is an Indian Youtuber who used to make a parody of cringy Indian Songs in this early youtube carrier. Salil is one of the few YouTubers on Youtube India who stands against fake app promotions on youtube. Salil always bashed the creator who promotes gambling apps on his youtube channel. Salil Jamdar is the first YouTuber who starts a campaign against Mastuburation in India as it is not good for the kids and spoils the thinking power of today’s generation. Salil Jamdar recently comes with his new song called” Tere Janne Se” which is quite impressive and this song is appreciated by all the fellow YouTubers.

Salil Jamdar Subscribers

Salil Jamdar has now around 911k subscribers on his Youtube channel which is very very less according to his talent. We hope Salil will get all the success which he deserves.

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