Punjabi Music Directors

Top Famous Music Directors from Punjabi Industry

Punjabi Music Industry is on the biggest increasing music industry in the world right now. There are many famous music directors in the Punjabi Music Industry.

There is a lot of variety in the different Music Directors in the Industry. And there are very big competitions in terms of music in Punjab. There are so many talented music Directors in Punjab.

So today in this post we are talking about some best music directors from Punjabi Music Industry. Remember this list is very random and the numbering of the creator is also random.

1 . Desi Crew

Desi Crew is one of the biggest and oldest music creators or directors in the Punjabi Music Industry. Desi Crew gave so many superhit songs to the Punjabi Music Industry with different singers.

Desi Crew has two members. Goldy and Satta are the two persons who created Desi Crew. Both Goldy and Satta are very talented and very focused in their work.

Desi’s crew also makes his own music. For example, Goldy sings a song called Dassi Na Mere Baare which become very popular. So then we got to know Goldy has also singing talent inside him.

2 . The Kidd

Kidd is a very young and talented Music Artist in Punjabi Music Industry. Many of you know about The Kidd just because of his songs with Sidhu Mosse Wala.

The Kidd is creating very good music for Sidhu Missowala for last year. Now The Kidd gives music to most of the Sidhu Mossewala New album Mossetape.

And some songs which are released from Mossetape album are very good. And everybody is praising The Kidd music in this album and we all know that The Kidd is a young Music Director. So he can improve more and more in terms of his music and experience.

3 . Byg Byrd

Big Bird is a very successful Music director in Punjabi Music Industry. Byg Byrd becomes very popular with the songs which he makes with Sidhu Moosewala.

Byg Byrd and Sidhu Mossewala were considered as the biggest hit team in the Punjabi Industry in past. But after the fight which happened between Byg Byrd and Sidhu Mossewala, they both denied working with each other.

But Byg Burd is continuously making music for other singers and he is doing good with others singers and we all hoping that we get to hear more and more music from Byg Byrd.

4 . Sukh-E

Sukh- E is also a young music director from Punjab. Sukh-E is also known as Musical Doctorz. Because this is his stage name. SukhE makes very unique music.

Sukhe gives so many hits to the Punjab music industry like Jaquar, All Black. Sukh-e is continuously making unique music for Punjabi singers

Sukhe E is also a good singer. He himself sings many songs and also creates his own music and all the songs of Sukhe are become very big hits in Punjab and also all over the world.

5 . B Praak

B Praak is not only famous in Punjabi Music Industry but he is equally famous in Bollywood and Hindi music. B Praak is a very amazing music Director.

The combination of B Prakk and Jaani is considered as one of the biggest superhit Jodi of Punjab. Very songs which they both make together become a hit song.

B Praak gives many hit songs in his voice also and he also gives music to many superhit singers and all the songs are become hit and make those singers very famous.

We all are hoping that the duo of B Praak and Jaani is continuously making good Lyrics and music and gives us the best content and try to entertain us regularly.

I hope you all get the above information and learn about the top music directors of the Punjabi Industry. If you have any doubt in your mind then you will contact us.

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