Upcoming Punjabi albums

Upcoming Punjabi Albums By Best Punjabi Singers in 2021

Punjabi Music Industry is one the fastest growing Industry in India right now. Every day we seeing a new star in Punjabi Music. But now there are different competitions about Punjabi albums.

From the last year5 to now we see many Big Starts like in Punjabi Music Industry releases their Music Albums. But the story is not ended here in this year 2021 also many singers have already announced their albums.

So here in this post, we are discussing all the upcoming Punjabi albums of Punjabi singers in 2021. And we analyze their album hype. So let’s start our discussions.

Best Upcoming Albums Of Punjabi Industry in 2021

1 . Sidhu Mossewala MosseTape

Sidhu Mossewala is a well know name in Punjab and also In Punjabi Music Industry. In fact, Sidhu Mossewala is one of the biggest superstars which Punjabi Music Industry ever give us.

So Sidhu Mossewala announces his album Mossewala at the starting of this year. And Sidhu Mossewala album Mossetape is already set to release on various music platforms.

In fact, in Sidhu Mossewala’s album Mossetape some songs are released and the response which Sidhu Mossewala is getting Through His album is unbelievable. Each song of Mossetape’s album is a Banger.

But we all know Mossetape albums have a total of 30 Tracks. So still there are many songs in the album which are unreleased .but we all know the amount of hard work and money Sidhu Mossewala put behind this album is amazing. So we are hoping best for Sidhu Mossewala’s album Mossetape next tracks and hope they all are as good as other songs of Mossetape which is already released.

2 . Diljit Dosanjh New Album in 2021

Diljit Dosanj is one of the best Singers and Actors in the Punjabi Industry. Not only in Punjab Diljit is worldwide famous just because of his work and his songs.

Last year in 2021 Diljit Dosanjh releases his Album GOAT which becomes a super hit all over the world. Diljit GOAT album has more than 10 songs and each and every song is outstanding.

But this year in 2021 Diljit announces his new album which is all set to release in the mid of 2021. Diljit gives an update about his new album that all the songs are ready for his new album. They are working on song videos and they will try to r3lease the album as soon as possible.

We all know that how big a superstar Diljit Dosanjh is and we all know he will never disappoint his fans. So we all know the New album of Diljit is going to be superhit and we all are hoping best for Diljit Dosanjh.

3 . Amrinder Gill Judaa 3

Amrinder Gill is the most respected superstar in the Punjabi Industry. Amrinder Gill is also a superstar in Punjab because of his acting skills and his superhit songs.

Amrinder Gill is a very busy actor because of his movie schedules because Amrinder gill is a superstar actor in the Punjab Film Industry and every year Amrinder Gill releases two or three movies.

And Because of his movies, Amrinder Gill is unable to focus on his personal music. Now it’s quite a long time since Amrinder Gill drops his single tracks. But due to this pandemic, Amrinder Gill is again back to basics and he makes an announcement about his new album JUDAA 3.

The music of the JUDAA 23 album is done by Dr. Zeus. But Amrinder Gill is not planning to launch this album soon. In a Post, Amrinder gives hints about the release date of his album JUDAA 3 and it will be at the ending of this year. So Judaa 3 album is set to release at the ending of 2021.

Apart from this, there are many Punjabi artists who share the album hints on their social media, but nobody confirms till now. So once other Punjabi Singers confirm their Albums we will update you.

Till then I hope you will like this post and the Information which we shared. If there is something we want to share with us and you can definitely contact us.

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