Vivek Bindra Controversy

Vivek Bindra getting Death Threats from the audience

Vivek Bindra is a very famous Youtuber and businessman. Doctor Vivek Bindra is very respected in the Youtube community. But for the past few days Vivek Bindra getting hate and death threats from YouTubers and youtube audiences.

So basically DR. Vivek Bindra makes about the current condition of West Bengal and in this video Vivek Bindra points out some bad things and some good things about West Bengal and West Bengal peoples.

After this Video of Vivek Bindra, The whole dream and Controvesery between Vivek Bindra and Other YouTubers start. The last video of Vivek Bindra is not Turned out in the favour of Vivek Bindra.

Vivek Bindra Getting Death Threats

After releasing the video on Youtube and Facebook. Vivek Bindra is continuously getting bad and hate comments. Because it quite obvious if you are a Bengali or a resident of West Bengal.

But after some time the hate comments turned into death threats. Some users commented on Facebook under Vivek Bindra’s video about West Bengal. The situation is started to worsen day by day.

Youtubers Started making Reply Video to Vivek Bindra

After Vivek Bindra’s video on West Bengal, all the YouTubers starts making videos on Vivek Bindra and they try to prove that many points which Viveik Bindra proves in his video are pointless.

Also, many people attach this video of Vivek Bindra with the current election of West Bengal. People started blaming Vivek Bindra for his unproved tie-up with a specific political party. And they blamed Vivek Bindra for manipulating the common people of Bengal in this critical time of Elections.

Vivek Bindra giving copyright to small Youtubers

After all the drama and hate which Vivek Bindra gets. The situation went from bad to worse. Because more and more Yootbers start making a video about Vivek Bindra useless video.

Then Vivek Bindra starts giving a Copyright strike to all those YouTubers who make a reply video on Him. Because these Video damages Vivek Bindra public image. And also many YouTubers blame him to only copyright those YouTubers who are specifically from West Bengal.

Vivek Bindra vs CarryMinati Controversy

Vivek Bindra is quite a simple man with good ethics. Few months backs Vivek Bindra poked CarryMinati in his Video. Vivek Bindra says that carryMinati is influencing the Young audience by teaching him abusive language.

On this CarryMinati also replies to Vivek Bindra in an indirect way. On his, Livestream CarryMinati says that if somebody doesn’t like my comment so they should stop watching my content. I am not forcing anybody to watch my Video

Vivek Bindra Reply to controversy

Vivek Bindra is a very famous and mature businessman. Vivek Bindra is not given any reply to all the hate and allegations which people put on him.

If in future Vivek Bindra replies to all those haters and Youtubers we will let you know.

Vivek Bindra is one of the first and popular YouTubers from India. Vivek Bindra has nearly 16 Million subscribers of his Youtube channel. On his Youtube Channel, Vivek Bindra uploads videos about business and different case studies about different things.

Vivek Bindra is also a famous Businessman .vivek Bindra is the owner of “BADA BUSINESS”.Vivek started stating this company and this business is running quite well.

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